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jac picBy Ryan Hain, Offensive Coordinator, Franklin High School (MD)

Discover how Coach Hain's offense averaged over 16 yards per completion on this concept and rode it all the way to the Maryland State Championship in 2013.

By Ryan Hain 
Offensive Coordinator
Franklin High School (MD)
Twitter: @coachhain


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jac picWe are an uptempo offense.  Due the the speed and effectiveness that we have both running and throwing the ball, we tend to see a lot of 6 man boxes with very generic coverages. In order to attack these coverages, Coach Dave Brock, now at the Head Coach at Delaware, introduced me to the Z bend, X hook concept that he had been running for years at UNC, Kansas St, and Rutgers. I saw how successful guys like Hakeem Nicks, Jordy Nelson, and Brandon Banks were, just running this play alone and wanted to try it with our guys.

This past year the Bend / Hook concept or "Bend" as we call it on the field was a staple in our offense and a key to our run to a Maryland State Championship.  In 2013, we ran 56 times this season and completed 39 of them. So that is almost 70%, while we were 65% overall on the season. We gained 702 Yards on this concept at 18 yds per completion (12.5 yards per play). And we had 7 Td’s on this concept, 6 of them to the Z. In addition, we also earned 27 first downs on this concept.

Since we rarely saw an exotic blitz or rolled coverage against us, we found that this pass concept that made the defense defend sideline to sideline and deep as well as underneath. It also allowed us to line our top 2 receivers on opposite sides of the formation and make the defense choose which one to key on.  


We have been able to run it out of a variety of formations and personnel groups, as well as with and without play action. 11 personnel has been the most used formation for this play (Diagram 1 and 2). Our system uses a “W” slot receiver instead of the more common “H” because our guy is typically more of a smaller scat type kid.



Receiver Rules:

Z- It does not matter if z is the inside or outside receiver, z will always have the same route. Must get an inside release and sell a fly route. If they are able to stack the corner, they then read the safety. At the 12 yd mark they decide if they can run past the safety in 2 high or run away from safety in 1 high. If the safety is flat footed or cheating up, we will take off with our speedster. If the safety drops deep they will simply bend the route and find a hole under the safety and away from LB’s. If they can’t stack the corner, they will almost always run the bend. 

Y- If y is the inside receiver, run the speed out. If y is the outside receiver, run a 5 yd hitch. Either way they are attacking the flat to make someone defend the flat on the z side.

X- Will always be outside receiver opposite of Z, get an inside release and push a slightly angled fly to about 15 yds and hook back to 13 just inside the hash, looking for a throwing lane between any LB traffic.

W- Start on a shallow track just under Lb’s and sit down over top of ball.

F- (in 20 And 21 Personnel) Attack inside LB and sit down over ball.

T- Check release to flat opposite of Z

QB Progression

The first read is the Corner. If the corner gets stacked or stays in flat, eyes on Z and see what he decides. If Corner Bails out, eyes on flat defender and take what they give you, if flat defender beats Y to the flat, come back to Z on the bend. We are in shotgun so on 2nd step of drop we should have an idea if we are going to Z or Y. If we do not like either, take a 3rd drop step and Eyes on X, if you have a throwing lane, which you usually do, take it. The only way you won’t is if both inside LB’s drop to that spot which almost guarantees the check down to W or F.


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Meet Coach Hain:  Coach Hain started Coaching in 2003 after playing at Western Maryland College (now McDaniel) Div III. I have been the offensive coordinator at Franklin High (Reisterstown, MD) since 2005.  Over that span we have compiled a 77-29 record and have been in the playoffs every year since 2006. We played in 2 Maryland state championships (2010 and 2013), winning the school’s first in 2013.



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