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wylieBy Bob Wylie, NFL Alumni Offensive Line Coach, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)

Long time NFL coaching veteran and Winnipeg Blue Bomber (CFL) offensive line coach Bob Wylie details two of the more prominent two-back run concepts that have been a successful complement to gap run schemes in his tenure. This includes video from the COOL Clinic, which will be held this year on May 16-17 in Cincinnati, OH.

By Bob Wylie

NFL Alumni Offensive Line Coach

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)

Editor's Note:  Long time NFL coaching veteran and Winnipeg Blue Bomber (CFL) offensive line coach Bob Wylie details two of the more prominent two-back run concepts that have been a successful complement to gap run schemes in his tenure.  The video at the end of this article is from the COOL Clinic and contains Coach Wylie's complete clinic talk on this concept.  This years COOL Clinic will be held this year on May 20-21 in Cincinnati, OH.  We hope to see you there!

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When I was with the Chicago Bears we ran a play that we called 26 Duo. We wanted to figure out how we could get the backside linebacker blocked. This was not a new play. We still wanted to maintain some type of consistency with the back, and how he should read the blocking. The Duo stands for two double teams. Jim McNally came up with the term. We wanted to get two double team blocks where we could. (Diagram #1) Sometimes, if you had a third tight end, you could get three double teams.


I want to draw the play up against the 3-4 look on defense. We are going to double team, or team block the 5-technique to the front side linebacker. (Diagram #2) The inside post man is going to take a short jab step, and his second step is coming up the field. The tight end is galloping into the line of scrimmage. We are getting hip-to¬hip with the tackle. We are going to double team block on the 5-technique straight back.


If the linebacker runs over the top we are not getting off the block. We are staying on the double team block. (Diagram #3) If the linebacker attacks the line of scrimmage and tries to penetrate the tackle-tight end area, the tight end may come off the double team block. So, if he runs over the top we let the linebacker go.


The ace block between the center and the guard is a double team block on the nose guard to the backside linebacker. (Diagram #4) It is the same steps that everyone else teaches on this play. It is a short control step, with the second step down the middleof the defender. The center may take a little more of the nose man. The guard comes down on the nose man and stays square, and drops the inside arm and knocks the nose guard back. He is looking to see what is happening with the Plug or backside linebacker.



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A message from our friends at the C.O.O.L Clinic:

The Annual Offensive Line Clinic will be held May 20 & 21, 2016 at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Clinic has been a tremendous success since it's inception. The schedule for the clinic is enclosed, it is two days of non-stop football with presentations of some of the greatest minds in college and professional football today. The clinic was designed to cover basic offensive line play, fundamentals, and techniques with emphasis on the Run Game and Pass Protection. You DO NOT need to be an offensive line coach to attend this clinic. 

Topics discussed will have valuable application to coaches of any position, offense or defense. This year we would like you to send in your favorite OL drill on DVD or Video Tape when registering for the clinic and we will compile an outstanding clinic drill DVD to help coaches of all levels prepare for the fall football season of 2016. So Please send one with your registration. Last year’s clinic attendees included represen- tatives from 176 Colleges, 128 high schools, and from 34 different states, and two countries. The clinic provides a convention like meeting place for offensive line coaches before and after the clinic. This has become a great place to network with other coaches in the profession! Start Making plans to attend this year’s clinic May 20 & 21, 2016

X&O Labs will be represented there this year and we would love to see you there.  



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