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By Brian Grady, Head Football Coach, Fair Haven Union High School (VT)

See how Coach Grady used his formations to create a variety of route combinations. Read the report...


By Brian Grady
Head Football Coach
Fair Haven Union High School (VT)



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The Locked Route pass concept allows us to be able to run 6 base pass plays without receivers or tight ends having to learn to many concepts. The idea is we can run 1 play out of 3-4 different formations per game, which gives the defense a lot of looks, and gives us answers to different coverages. At the same time, our players only learn 1 route on that play, as they run the same route no matter where they are formational aligned. These base pass plays are very quick to install on the high school level. 

Out / Curl Concept

No matter the formation, our Z and X receivers will run a 10-yard out route and our A and Y receivers run 10 curl routes. We are trying to isolate our outside receivers to get 1 on 1 coverage with the corners.


Coaching Points:

  • All 4 receivers need to sell they’re going vertical.
  • QB must use the pre-snap read to decide which side we’re throwing to in 2 x 2 formations. He will take the best match up by scouting report or the receiver that is getting the biggest cushion.
  • In 3 x 1 formations, the QB will decide if he likes the 1 on 1 match up. If so, he will take take it. If he doesn’t like that matchup, the post-snap read will be to attach the curl to the out. If the defender on inside receiver stays inside, throw the out route.
  • This a play we run in all situations.

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As a high school coach, I wanted to be able to run a balanced run / pass offense. We’ve been 50/50 for the past 5 years. We want to appear complex but simple for our players to execute so we developed the “locked route concept” for some of our core pass plays. We can use these pass plays out of 10, 11, 21, 20 personal packages, that our younger high school players can learn quickly. It has paid off well for our team, as you can see by the statistics below. It has limited the amount of time it takes to install plays and lets us focus more on technique, QB reads, and reps in practice while giving us the ability to look more complicated than we are.


Meet Coach Grady: Brian Grady is the head coach at Fair Haven Union H.S. in Fair Haven, Vermont. Grady has 25 years as a high school coach with twenty of those years being as a head coach. During that time, Grady has been part of 10 state championship coaching staffs. He also spent 2 years as a college offensive coordinator at Castleton University. During his 2nd year at Castleton, Grady’s offense was #3 in the country in pass offense and #8 in total offense in Division 3 using many of these concepts.



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